Our History

Where we come from:

InPhySec is much more than an IT security business. Our people, techniques and thinking come from the leading edge of cyber security. We also bring a diverse set of professional skills and experience in managing large organisations, administering regulatory regimes, and developing security policy and legislation. Our experience spans New Zealand and abroad, in military, public and private sector contexts. Most of us have worked together before, so we are a well-formed and cohesive team.

We have come together because we think that we can offer a “whole of organisation” service, from robust security governance at the board level down to monitoring at the bit level. By providing solutions that are tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements, we support you to manage both the risks and opportunities posed by the digital age.

We understand that trust needs to be inherent in every business relationship but no more so than when you are seeking help to protect your organisation’s sensitive information. Trust and confidentiality are at the heart of all of our interactions, and all of our staff undergo regular background checks. Many also hold current New Zealand national security clearances.


Ian Fletcher "Security, Sovereignty and the Internet" (2016) PDF, 1.83MB

Why InPhySec

Significant Initiatives

Led significant cyber security initiatives and organisations

Complex Events

Investigated and managed extraordinarily complex cyber security events

Thought Leadership

Provided thought leadership to government and industry


We bring a diverse set of professional skills to the task of helping organisations protect and manage their data and IT systems effectively in an increasingly uncertain environment.

Marc Barlow

Consulting Partner

Jonathon Berry

Consulting Partner

Ian Fletcher

Consulting Partner


Our partners have unrivalled experience managing large organisations and overseeing significant IT and technology projects.